How to Significantly Increase Your Instagram Marketing Engagement Rates

Instagram can be a powerful tool for brand builders wanting to increase their customer acquisition rates. Instagram can help you build brand awareness for your company and can help improve the quality of leads in your sales funnel.

Unfortunately, wanting to build your business on Instagram and actually doing so are two different stories. You can post content on a frequent basis on Instagram and still not attract enough attention to your company.

One of the best ways to increase your Instagram marketing ROI (return on investment) is to double down on improving your engagement rate. Succeeding on Instagram isn’t just about providing attractive eye candy for potential customers to enjoy; you must focus on boosting engagement rates if you want to succeed. Integrate the following tips into your Instagram marketing strategy and you can significantly increase your social media marketing ROI.

Mention Your Followers 

Mentioning your followers in your Instagram posts is an excellent way to increase your Instagram engagement rates. Instagram users love it when a brand mentions them in a post and will often share your post with their Instagram followers. Before you mention a follower in your brand’s post, be sure to investigate their feed to ensure they’re not offering questionable content on Instagram. You don’t want your business associated in any way with someone who offers content your followers might find questionable.

Monitor Instagram Analytics

Monitor your brand’s engagement rates in your Instagram analytics to ensure you are offering the right type of posts on your Instagram feed. Too many companies post content on Instagram, but don’t conduct a deep-dive investigation to ensure their posts are resonating with their target audience. Become a master at researching your Instagram analytics to see what is working and then focus your efforts on the types of posts your followers enjoy.

Informational Content is Crucial

If you want to turbocharge your Instagram engagement rate, make sure you offer your followers educational content. Inspirational images are great, but educational content will increase your connection with potential customers. Make sure you offer informational content your target audience can use and that will make them glad they are following your brand on Instagram.

Learning how to significantly increase your Instagram marketing engagement rate is easy if you are strategic in your approach. Integrate these tips into your social media marketing strategy and there is a good chance you will see an improved ROI for your brand on Instagram.