By: Juan Perez, Broadband Search

How to Build Trust with Potential Customers

A client’s decision to purchase your products or hire your services is not solely based on price and your level of expertise. Trust remains an essential factor in every successful business relationship. It allows for open communication, effective business transaction, and mutual relationship. This is why it is essential for business owners, managers, and sales agents to build trust with both current and potential customers. However, how do you build trust with potential customers since they know little or nothing about your business?

Furthermore, building trust with your potential clients is a reliable way to make them purchase your products or services. Whether you have a sales team in place or you deliver the services yourself, prospects will only deal with your business based on trust. Below are some insightful tips for building trust with potential customers:

Share Your Real Success Stories

A great way to build trust with potential customers is by sharing your real success stories with them. Real success stories, customer feedback, and testimonials show the real experiences of people that have used your product or service before. You can share these real success stories on your website, blog, or social media platforms.

Fortunately, blogs and social media have given businesses the chance to reach new target audiences and prospects. Sharing your real success stories through these platforms will help reduce any element of doubt the prospect is having. Also, it will encourage them to try out what your business is offering. You can build trust with potential customers by showing them the success stories of previous customers.

Know What You Are Offering

Before marketing or pitching to prospects, ensure that you have comprehensive knowledge about the product or service you are offering. Be ready to give a well-detailed description of how the product will help solve the customer’s problem. Also, you should back these claims with hard facts and data. You can also provide them with examples of how your product has helped another person with a similar issue. Above all, be ready to answer their inquiries and concerns.

Develop a Client-Oriented Mindset

Building trust with prospects requires that you have a client-oriented mindset. In anything you are offering, you should have the best interest of your clients at heart. Also, you should reflect this in your actions. Let the client understand that their best interest and satisfaction come first. You want them to see you as a trusted person and not just another sales agent or entrepreneur that wants to make quick money off them.

Offer Samples

Also, you can build trust with potential customers by offering them a sample of your product. Offering samples to clients is very effective in convincing them to trust what you are selling. If they are satisfied with the first-hand experience, they will surely come back for more.

Build Relationships with Referrals

Building Relationships is vital to the success of any business. When you build a relationship with your current clients, you are also building referrals in the process. They will be the ones to spread the message about your business. The trust that the referral source has in you will strongly influence prospects to transact with your business. Hence, ensure that you engage in trust-building activities with current clients and referrals.

Avoid Negative Comments about the Competition

Bad-mouthing your competitors will not do your business any good. In fact, criticizing your competitors will reduce your credibility and damage any trust growing between you and the potential customer.

There is no need to give negative comments about the products or services offered by the competition. Your aim is to understand what your customer needs and convince them that you have the ideal solution. If you want to build trust, you shouldn’t consider something else apart from this.

Pitch like a Professional

Your mode of presentation during your initial communication with the prospect is vital to building trust. You don’t need to be extra formal or over the board all the time. However, it is important that you keep things as professional as possible. If you are pitching through email, the email needs to be brief, precise, and show value. Presenting yourself in a professional way will encourage the client to respond.

Offer Great Products and Services

Customer experience is now the new brand. Customers that trust a brand are likely to recommend the trusted company to friends, family, and colleagues at work. These are your prospects. To earn a customer’s trust, you need to offer quality products and reliable services. Ensure that you go over and beyond for your customers. They will recommend your business to prospect who will be encouraged to use your services.

Only Make Guarantees You Can Deliver

A lot of individuals believe that “if it’s too good to be true, it’s not true.” This is why you need to be cautious when offering guarantees. Offering guarantees that are too good to be true is a red flag that can easily discourage reasonable prospects. You don’t need to give a “one size fits all” sales pitch.

Likewise, do not use bait and switch tactics. Ensure that you are only making guarantees that you can deliver. As an entrepreneur or sales rep, you should focus more on providing solutions to the specific needs of your potential customers. Doing this will help build a sense of trust between you and the prospect.Be Honest,

Communicate Clearly, and Openly

Finally, open and clear communication can help build trust with potential customers. There is no need to keep secrets or hide certain aspects of your business. It undermines your client’s trust and damages your business reputation.

You have to be as honest as possible. Let the client know the pros and drawbacks of what you are offering them. Open and clear communication is the foundation of every strong relationship. This is what you need to build trust with potential customers.


Trust remains a vital aspect of every successful business relationship. Your aim should be to foster cordial relationships and trust with your prospects. Every time you or a sales rep discusses with a potential customer, you should use the opportunity to build a type of trust that can bring about successful business transactions and long-standing relationships. By following the insightful tips provided above, you can build a sense of trust with potential customers successfully.